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Schedule of Fees

You’ll be able to claim a rebate from Medicare for all Eligible Services

if you or your family have reached the Medicare Safety Net you will also be rebated 80% of the gap fee.

GP appointments

Standard GP appointment up to 15 mins


GP appointment 15- 20mins


GP appointment 20-30mins


GP appointment 30-40mins


GP appointment 40-50mins


GP appointment 50-60mins


Mental Health Care Plan lasting less than 40mins


Mental Health Care Plan lasting 40-60mins


Review of a Mental Health Care Plan


GP therapy session (40-45mins, Dr Lucy only)


Eating Disorder Care Plan lasting less than 40mins


Eating Disorder Care Plan 40-60mins


Review of an Eating Disorder Care Plan

Procedure fees are in addition to any fee for the consultation

Full body skin check (Dr Sak only, 20mins)


Skin biopsy


Cryotherapy (freezing treatment)


Fees for other procedures will be discussed at the time of your appointment

Travel consultation (including doctor and nurse)


Commercial Driving Medical (including doctor and nurse)


Iron Infusion

$180 plus consultation cost


$180 plus consultation cost

Keeping track of your health care

We know that life can get busy and that can make it hard to keep track of recommended screening and other appointments. This is why at Ninox Health we’ll let you know of any scheduled appointments and tests that we’re aware are due. 

This service does rely on you letting us know if your contact information changes so please let us know if this is the case. You’re welcome to opt out of receiving this communication, either on your new patient form or by letting reception know.

Advice for those who may have an infection including Covid-19

We understand both the need for you to access a GP when you’re unwell and at the same time our responsibility to minimize risk of infections passing to other patients and to staff. 

If you or someone with you has a fever or respiratory symptoms (such as sore throat, cough or runny nose) or if you think you may have an infectious rash such as chickenpox or measles we ask that you phone ahead so we can arrange somewhere for you to wait. We also ask that if you’re unwell you wear a mask while in the clinic.

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